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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to be a conservative evangelical Christian and also believe in biological evolution–believe that Earth is 4.5 billion years old and that human beings share a common ancestor with, not only chimpanzees, but also with mice and even earthworms?  In Exploring Faith and Reason: The Reconciliation of Christianity and Biological Evolution, we find that it is not only possible, it is an essential element of how many Christians come to more fully appreciate the complexity and the great glory of God’s creation.


Many people–Christians and non-Christians alike–think that Christianity and evolution are opposing concepts. They perceive several specific points of conflict between them. Bruce Glass addresses each of these concerns by citing Scripture and the world’s most respected theologians and by the application of reason. Revealed is a deeper and richer understanding of Biblical Scripture and its history. But most importantly, readers will gain a greater appreciation of the power and the capabilities of a living God who transcends space and time, as this insight is united with the findings of science.

Assigned in classes at both Christian and secular universities, Exploring Faith and Reason is an objective and faith-affirming examination of the intersection of mainstream science and mainstream Christianity. In the Second Edition, new scholarship regarding the inheritance of acquired epigenetic characteristics has been added and the entire text has been edited for clarity. Also, a new chapter has been added to more fully describe the paleontological, archeological, and genetic evidence of human evolutionary development.

Here is what scholars, clergy, and book reviewers have had to say about the book:


“As a non-scientist, I found that Exploring Faith and Reason presents an accessible, fascinating, and compelling presentation of evolution. As a biblical scholar, I appreciate Bruce Glass’ grasp of theological issues and the biblical text. His conclusion that evolution and Christianity are compatible is a crucial message for the church today.” —Tremper Longman III, Ph.D. (Yale), Distinguished Scholar of Biblical Studies at Westmont College, author of numerous articles and books about Biblical text and theology

“Glass has provided a thorough look at the evidence and the processes of evolution, alongside a compelling case for its compatibility with Christianity. His theological analysis is very sound as he addresses several of the commonly perceived points of tension between the Christian faith and evolution. For a thorough understanding of these issues, this book is among the very best resources available.” —Peter Enns, Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor of Christian Studies at Eastern University, author of numerous books, including The Bible for Normal People series

“This book is superb. Bruce Glass’ summary of the science is thorough and accurate, yet easy for non-scientists to follow. His analysis is sharp, his tone is winsome, and his approach to contentious issues is fair. This book is a valuable resource for those who want to understand how evolution and evangelical Christianity can be harmonious.” Loren Haarsma, Ph.D. (Harvard), Associate Professor of Physics at Calvin University, co-author of Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

“For Christians who want to know more about evolution and its implications for Christianity, Glass offers a clear, informative, and thought-provoking tour through the marvels of modern biology, carefully identifying its faith-enhancing possibilities. A must read for anyone who thinks that evolution is incompatible with faith, or that faith is incompatible with evolution.” —Joseph Bulbulia, Ph.D. (Princeton), Professor of Psychology at Victoria University (New Zealand)

“Glass skillfully defends a belief in a personal God and the divinity of Jesus in light of the evidence for evolution. …  I enjoyed reading this … a fresh and compelling case for reconciling faith and science.” —Peter Dijkstra, Ph.D. (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Assistant Professor of Biology at Benedictine University

“This is a fine, clear exposition, permeated by an irenic spirit. … If you want to understand what ‘natural selection’ means, this is the best explanation I know of.” —J. Richard Middleton, Ph.D. (Free University of Amsterdam), Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis at Northeastern Seminary and adjunct Professor of Theology at Roberts Wesleyan College, author of several books, including A New Heaven and a New Earth


“Mr. Glass tackles a historically controversial topic with finesse. Wherever one may be on the issue of evolution, Glass’ superb scholarship and unbiased commentary on issues of faith does not disappoint.” —Reverend Jordan Ogden, Lead Pastor at Antioch Community Church, Dallas

“Bruce Glass has provided a thought provoking look at the most significant theological issues arising from the advent of evolutionary science. Whatever their conclusions, readers will find his treatment a welcome reminder of the richness and depth of God’s Word, as well as a fresh perspective on God’s glorious creation.” —Reverend Dr. Kristin Huffman, Associate Pastor at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston

“Glass writes with clarity, wisdom, and sensitivity. Exploring Faith and Reason is a must read for anyone who desires a thorough engagement with the issue of ‘The Reconciliation of Christianity and Biological Evolution’. I highly recommend it.” —Reverend Dr. Tony Metze, Senior Pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC

“Exploring Faith and Reason includes some of the finest exposition of Christian theology I have ever read in so short a space, with a clarity and exactness that is worthy of some of the best works of Joseph Ratzinger and of Thomas Aquinas. The book’s unbiased and thorough examination of the pertinent theological issues is most impressive.” —Father Clifford J. Stevens, Senior Priest at Father Flanagan’s Boys Home (Boys Town)

“… a useful, much-needed contribution to the vexed question of the relationship between Christianity and biological evolution.” —John Maxwell Kerr, Episcopal Chaplain, The College of William and Mary, former Warden, the Society of Ordained Scientists

“In Exploring Faith and Reason, Bruce Glass has emerged as a fresh voice for the reconciliation of head and heart. Couched in the language and theology of conservative evangelical Christianity, Mr. Glass’ book provides a welcomed bridge between an evidential worldview and traditional Christian conviction. Believers and non-believers alike will find much of value in these pages.” —Reverend Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution, endorsed by six Nobel Prize-winning scientists and by religious leaders across the spectrum

Book Reviewers:

“Smart, well-informed… lucid, engaging… Glass delivers a superb exposition of Darwinian theory and a meticulous, sharply reasoned discussion of the evidence that supports it. His logic is impeccable when he insists that evolutionary theory does not rule out the existence of God.”  —Kirkus Reviews

“Well written, thoroughly researched, and honestly fair… The book’s thorough and eminently readable scientific explanations provide general science readers with a lucid understanding of this complex subject.” ForeWord Clarion Reviews

Exploring Faith and Reason is an enticing read for anyone who wants a more complete understanding of their faith and meeting it with science. Highly recommended.” —The Midwest Book Review

The Second Edition of Exploring Faith and Reason: The Reconciliation of Christianity and Biological Evolution is now available at Amazon and other book sellers.

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